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PostSubject: Darkness Reborn   Darkness Reborn Icon_minitime2007-09-04, 16:32

Welcome everyone to the Darkness Reborn Clan forum!

We have created this forum for members of Darkness Reborn!!  
As a presentation of our clan, here goes  Shocked

2.  We have a zero tolerance for botting and ebaying
3.  We do not allow our members to pay for power leveling, we cite that your main's level should be the sum of your own hard work
4.  Use of any 3rd party programs is also absolutely not allowed
5.  We do not agree with buying/selling of toons

We treat all other players with respect at all times and even in pvp situations we don't trash talk and get embroiled in any of our enemies shortcoming, our members are better than that.  We strive to produce a very helpful community with everyone always looking to help the community before themselves.  We have plenty of real characters, those with a wealth of experience in the game and a base of both EURO and NA/SA players.  

We of course have our forum here which is super active and also our vent, which we would encourage ALL members to log into when playing if even just to listen so you know what is going on.  Also vent is the BEST place to get a party quick!  For major events like Raids, Sieges and other PVP, Vent is an absolute MUST, so please download it, its free and you can get our vent info from an officer.

We are allied in Apex ally with clans Core and Sunshine!

Our current goals:

1. Progressing our clan skills now by collecting clan 'Rep Points' as quickly as we can.  We can do this through EVERYONE doing their bit with clan exclusive pets graduating as many through the academy as possible and also through high levels of participation at siege weekends where we look to have as many members on as possible to increase our fame point turn in for more rep points.

2. We are moving towards getting every member in the clan above level 95.  This will allow us to move everyone into the high end xp areas, raids and instances.

3.  We would suggest we are the premier alliance on this server for planned events.  Each week our members can book for many raids, join fort attack/defenses and go to the castle sieges with officers organising this all.  We currently do Istina, Epic Istina, Octavis, Epic Octavis, Tauti, Balok, Antharas Instance, Ekimus, Tiat, Epic Freya and now also Frintezza!

We held Oren pre merge for round about a year without loss in our old Revenants ally which was a mighty achievement and helped us secure lvl 11 for DR!!

We are now currently in the Sanctuary Federation with a host of other like-minded clans, which has enabled us to secure and hold Oren castle, thus allowing us to upgrade to clan lvl 11!!  We now assist all other Federation clan take turns holding Oren to also reach clan level 11!

We currently hold Hot Springs Clan Hall the best clan hall available on the server!

Important as well that all members try to go the extra mile in being proactive.  If anyone wants to try to organise anything, aoe partys, low lvl RBs etc etc....GO FOR IT Laughing

Lastly I hope that everyone is enjoying this game as much as I am.  If we all stick together we can do some fantastic things!!

Happy Hunting all  king


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